Ice Dragonox


Evolution stage Stage One
Card name Ice Dragonox
Type Water-type.png
Hit Points 110
Type Effectiveness Weakness:
Fire-type.png Metal-type.png +30
20px-Grass-attack.png -30
Retreat Cost:
20px-Colorless-attack.png 20px-Colorless-attack.png 20px-Colorless-attack.png
Rarity Rarity_Rare.png
Card Number PROMO

Card Text

Pokebody Clear Body

Ice Dragonox can't be affected by any Special Conditions except for Confusion. This Poké-Body only works if Ice Dragonox has energies attached to it.

20px-Darkness-attack Killing Claw 50-

This attack does 50 - 10 damage for each energy attached to the Defending Pokémon, down to a minimum of 10 damage.

Water-typeWater-type20px-Colorless-attack Ice Blast

This attack does 10 damage for each damage counter on Ice Dragonox. Clear Body is not in effect until your next turn.

It waits on the peak of frozen mountains for easy prey weakened from the cold. It migrates north in the summer.