Out of the shadows rises the old Fallengor region... approximately the oldest region around... you can see previous mutations of new pokémon here... what awaits you here? Many mysteries!

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Afferent: Primal Kobaruon

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Male: Afferent


Female: Octave

Gyms Edit

Unidentified Gym Leaders Edit

Kryak City Edit


Daphne: Multi-Type Leader

Pokémon: Chandrilander and Mijukrom

Goral City Edit


Velma: Flying Dual Type

Pokémon: Freezerat and Thundrowl

Team Z Edit

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Cities Edit

The Town of Warsaw Edit


Locations of Warsaw Edit

  • The Pokémon Center
  • The Phineasking12 Museum (Does not open until Third Version Game)
  • Pizza Hut
  • Papa John's
  • The Poké-Mart
  • Public Library

Route 544 Edit

Patches of grass, trainers, etc.

Route 545 Edit

Grass, water, no trainers...

Kryak City Edit

First Gym, Event Start

Event: Meet Team Z Edit

In the middle of town at the public library there is a mysterious set of vandals. They call themselves Team Z. They lead a backstory that they were to be in the Isshu Region and to be called Team Zoroark, but Team Plasma upstaged them. You battle two of the grunts, they leave dis-grunt-led! You meet your new rival, Dan. You two have a quick battle, once you win or lose he heals the pokémon and adds each other to their iPokédex Call Application.

Locations Edit

  • Pizza Hut
  • The Pokémon Center
  • The Poké-Mart
  • Gym 1

Goral City Edit

Gym 2, Rival and Friend

Event: Rival and Friend, Once Again! Edit

Your best friend from your hometown is a year older than you, he started his journey last year. You see him talking to your rival. You run up to him excited. What you hoped for was a nice meeting, but you got more than you bargained for. You got a three-way battle. Your pokémon versus theirs.

Locations Edit

  • Pizza Hut
  • The Pokémon Center
  • The Poké-Mart (condemned, no longer open)
  • Gym 2

The League Edit

Leaguers 1 and 2 Edit


Leaguer 1: Phil

Pokémon: Zuizel, Primal Kobaruon, Thundrowl, Vespiscor, and Buizel [Once you beat the Champion he gives you his Primal Kobaruon in Afferent]

Leaguer 2: Leaf

Pokémon: Darkrai, rest to be determined

Leaguer 3 Edit


Leaguer 3: Dianne

Pokémon: To be determined