Tsutarja.jpeg Illustrator Nekoice

Evolution stage Basic
No pre-evolution
Card name Tsutarja
Type 20px-Grass-attack.png
Hit Points 60
Type Effectiveness Weakness:
Fire-type.png +10
Retreat Cost:
Rarity Rarity_Common.png
Card Number no number

Tsutarja is the Grass-type starter of the Isshu region.

Card Text

20px-Colorless-attack Warm Up

Remove a damage counter from Tsutarja. Tsutarja's next attack does 20 more damage.

20px-Grass-attack20px-Colorless-attack Absorb 30

Discard a 20px-Grass-attack energy attached to Tsutarja. Then remove two damage counters attached to Tsutarja.

Dex Info

Number 494 Grass Snake Pokémon

Height: 0.6 metres

Weight: 8.1 kilograms

It is smart and has a very cool demeanor. Its movements sharpen when it basks in plenty of sunlight.